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12V > 230V
<label itemprop='name'>1000 Watt, 12 V Power Inverter</label>
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  • 1000 Watts Output
  • Runs of a 12 Volt Battery
  • Modified Square Wave
  • 2 x 3 Pin Outlets

Silverline 1000 Watt, 12 V Power Inverter

This voltage inverter converts a vehicle 12V DC battery power to 230V AC power supply. For use in most cars, caravans and boats. Overload and short circuit protection. It has 1 x AC sockets which give an output of up 1000W. This socket is your regular Irish or UK 3 pin socket. Supplied with 1 set of battery connector leads. It has a continuous use duty rating and has an overload protection cutout and a low voltage alarm. Automatic low voltage cutout will cut in to prevent your vehicle battery been run down. Modified sine wave waveform. A Larger capacity battery may be required for operating high wattage devices for reasonable run times. This large capacity unit needs to be connected straight to the battery and not through a cigarette lighter connector. Better performance will be achieved with a leisure battery which is designed for long continuous use.

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> (Silverline-1000W-Voltage-Inverter-Manual.PDF, 6,158 Kb) [Click Here To Download]

What will this run?
It will run lights, small power tools or a travel electric kettle up to a total of 1000 watts. If you are going to run an appliance or power tool with an electric motor then 700 watts or so will be the likely limit. These can draw up to one and half times their placarded power requirements when starting.
What size battery do I need?
That all depends on how often you will need the inverter at full or continuous power. A good place to start is with a 100 Amp Hour (or more) battery.
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Good value and was delivered quickly. Delighted to see what is an Irish company doing it well. Inverter is running tv, microwave and lights easily.
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So far so good using it in my camper for phone charging computer use lighting etc.
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So far so good. Using it to power 350w coffee machine and 350w grinder. Everything seems fine after one week of work
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Great job. Use a good battery though or the low voltage alarm will come on.
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