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Stout & Guinness Gas 10L

Gas bottles are not available for delivery. Collection only from Loughrea, Co Galway.

This gas comes contained in a 10L bottle. 200 Bar. 30% Co2 - 70% Nitrogen. Used to dispense stouts and Guinness. A CO2 regulator will not fit this bottle. You need a mixed gas regulator, please see the correct regulator and accessories below.

Bottle Size Guide: (Sizes can vary)


Height: 850mm

Width: 130mm

Pressure: 200 bar

Contents: 6.35 kg

G5/8" Female Thread

Supplied in a 10 litre bottle

Order a gas bottle from our website. Once a bottle is refilled or returned inside 24 months there is no yearly rent or direct debit, just a small one time fee on your first bottle and a refundable deposit both of which is included in the new first bottle above.

Your gas bottle will remain rent-free if it is either refilled or returned within 24 months. Rates can be seen here. Refilling the bottle resets the rent-free period. If you close your bottle account and return the bottle within the 24 months you will receive a rebate shown in the rates here

For refills (our bottles only) choose 'Bottle Refill' above.

Note: We can only refill our own bottles

*Consumables and spares are non-returnable.

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