Digital Marketing Intern

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Ideal Candidate in an Ideal World

  • Pursuing/hold Degree in Marketing or similar programme at third level
  • Fluent in the English language
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel & Outlook)
  • Strong understanding of general math and reporting metrics
  • Ability to think globally, understand trends and behaviors and incorporate them into marketing efforts
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills, ability to influence people through writing
  • Passion for the internet and marketing
  • Intending to pursue a career in Digital Marketing
  • Disciplined time manager, incredibly detail oriented and organized
  • Self-motivated - must be able to seek out new projects and tasks, desire to meet and exceed objectives
  • Ability to multitask and meet deadlines, adaptable to a rapidly changing environment
  • Strong interest and aptitude for technology, and emerging search industry trends

A program of training, guidance and work will give you daily experience in:

Keyword Research

Learn different methods & techniques for making keyword lists

Harvest high value & relevant keywords from Adwords

Use specialist keyword software to filter best high value keywords

Optimize high value organic and high value Adword landing pages.


Complete Adwords Online Training Course

Setting up a test account

Creating Ads & Ad Groups

Negative Keywords

Creating new live ads and ad groups

Analysis and management


Posting to Facebook

Answering online queries and posts

Boosting posts

Creating & running ads and promotions


Monitor Activity & Account

Post Tweets


Monitor Account

Post Content

eCommerce CMS

Product Listing

Keyword Research

Meta Titles

Rewrite Content

Create Comparison Tables

Add Relevant and Helpful Links to Our Blog Posts

Researching Blog Posts

Research How, What & Why topics for our market

Discover related relevant keywords

Build structure of article

Articles will be completed by others

Image Optimization

Optimizing images for website & blog

Complete online training module on image optimization

Competitor Analysis

Link Analysis

Content Analysis

Competitor Keyword Rank Checking Against Ours

Use for insights & research


Creating Ads


User Experience

Creating User Tests

Watching Results and Noting and Reporting Insights


Email Marketing

Importing Emails

Setting Up Campaigns

Linking to Google


Answer Emails

Answer phone

Operate Live-chat

Build and keep a log of issues for future help articles

Deal with lost or delayed deliveries


Writing Dialogue

Creating Videos

Editing Video

Uploading video


Set up Lighting

Take Product Photos

360 Photography

Complete Online Adobe Lightroom Course

Edit and Prepare Photos for Web Using Lightroom

Google Analytics

Set up Test account

Complete Online Fundamental Training Course

Company Analytics

Gather data from analytics and financial reports

Input data to global spreadsheet

Complete Online Fundamental Training Course

Technical Analysis

Website Speed Test

Browser Testing

Back-link Analysis

Finding Broken Links 404s

Duplicate Meta Titles

Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Duplicate Content

Create and submit a XML sitemap

What do you get in return?

First and foremost eCommerce digital marketing industry experience. You would be learning by performing the day to day activities centering on digital marketing, and the operation of an eCommerce business. You’ll be working in a team oriented, collaborative environment, so you’ll be learning from a group of people with diverse skill sets and perspectives. And you’ll be exposed to all aspects of digital marketing, helping you make informed decisions on your career path.

To advance you skill growth quickly you will be expected to complete a number of online and computer based training course. Once each course is complete you will immediately start using you new skills initially under controlled direction and then quickly on your own.

Of course, there’s the other stuff, like a fun, casual work environment. But more than that, you’ll be learning with a company that actively invests in our employees and their career goals, giving them knowledge and opportunities for their professional growth. We expect the best from our employees, and if you are up to that challenge, apply today!

What you won't learn

How to make tea for everyone, how to clean an office or how to fill in time! You will not be doing the work that nobody else wants to do.

Job Location

Loughrea, Co Galway.


Nine months


€250 per week for nine months. Public holidays are time off time and paid. One weeks paid holiday in the last three months.


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