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  • 115mm x 5.0m
  • 100 Grit
  • Long Lasting
  • Cut to Lenght

Drywall Sanding Mesh - 115mm x 5.0m

This double-sided roll of plasterboard or drywall sanding mesh is made from long-lasting durable silicon carbide grain coated mesh. It is 5m long and is 115mm wide and is the correct width for our hand & pole drywall sanders. Suitable for plasterboard, rough timber, rust removal and metal polishing. Open screen design resists clogging. 100 Grit Mesh Course

Non-returnable consumable. 


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This is an excellent product when used with the hand sander. I purchased it to remove anitfouling from a boat and it worked very well and was easily washed out...
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