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Dust Extractors

Dust extractors and wood chip collectors and extractors are an indispensable part of a woodwork shop. They improve workshop air quality, help prevent cutter burn, reduce the risk of fire and allow machines such as spindle moulders and thickness planers to operate much more efficiently. Your dust collector can be connected directly to a woodworking machine with a flexible extraction hose or to dust extraction system made up with rigid piping with multiple collection points controlled by damper gates. Typically dust collectors come with 5-micron filter bags which are fine for most timbers but if the woods you are normally machining are man-made such as plywood, chipboard or MDF then you might consider changing out your dust collection 5-micron filter bags for 1-micron filter bags. We stock a range of dust extractors and collectors from 1 to 3 horse power suitable for both DIY and professional use. If your wood chip extraction requirements are for multiple woodworking machines then the single or twin column 3 horse power dust extractors are possibly the best choice.