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SIP Fireball 50XD Kerosene Heater

See bottom of the page for compatible wheel kit for this space heater.

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Fireball 50XD Kerosene / Diesel heater, 230volt with heavy-duty orange painted finish. It will run on Diesel, Paraffin or kerosene and requires a 230v/13 amp power supply. It comes fitted with a regular 3 pin plug. Ideal for heating workshops, farm buildings and garages etc.

SIP 1 Year Warranty.
  • Runs on diesel or paraffin oil.
  • Ideal for heating ventilated areas with 230v power supply.
  • Painted steel - thicker quality.
  • Integrated carry handle.
  • 230v (13amp) supply
  • 50,000 BTU/hr (14.7kW) heat output
  • 350m³ (12,360 cu ft) approx. heating area
  • Approx. Fuel Consumption 1.5 litres/hr
  • Fuel tank capacity - 20 litres
  • Digital operation
  • Power cable length: 1.5m
  • Weight(Kg) - Net 13
  • Weight(Kg) - Gross 17m
FAQ: Choosing a Heater?
Calculating what Btu output heater you need to heat your area is quite simple.
Measure the 3 dimensions of the area you need to heat in feet, the length, width and ceiling height at the highest point.
Then multiply the length x width x height and you have the cubic measurement of the area.
Simply multiply this figure by 5 for a well-insulated building and 10 for no insulation and you now have the Btu output needed to heat the area.
Area 58ft L x 34ft W x 18ft H = 35,496³ ft (cubic feet)
35,496 x 5 = 177,480 Btu

Always Make Sure Area is Well Ventilated.

*these products are limited to a 4 day return period from delivery due to the emergency nature of these products. Return item must conform to the returned orders terms and conditions.

SIP Fireball XD Kerosene Heater Open

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