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  • Full Tank Run Time: 7 hours @ 3/4 load
  • Uses Regular Unleaded
  • 2200 Watts Peak - 2000 Watts Continuous
  • Battery Charging: 12 DC up to 40Ah
  • 12 Month Pick Up & Return Warranty

Oil & Accessories for the Ti-2001

Engine Oil 10w-40 1 Litre
8.99 incl. Vat
Our Normal Price: 9.99
13 Amp House Plug to 16 Amp Blue Socket Converter
12.99 incl. Vat
Our Normal Price: 14.99
Electrical Cable Reel 240V 25m 2 Sockets
41.99 incl. Vat
Our Normal Price: 45.99

Inverter Generator - Medusa Ti-2002

This SIP digital inverter generator is a compact yet powerful generator which offers a very portable power source. Perfect for use outdoors, on boats, in caravans powering tv's, computers and laptops etc. Due to inverter technology, this gennie is smaller and lighter than regular generators, making it extremely portable. Inverter generators give pure stable power and are more fuel efficient. Manufactured and built from high-quality materials and components, this generator starts easy and is super quiet. It has 2 x 230v 3 pin (Irish/UK) power outlet allowing your appliances to be plugged directly into this generator. This generator has an economy run mode for even higher fuel efficiency. It also has a 5 amp battery charger and has charging cables with crocodile clips connectors included (up to 40Ah batteries). This generator is particularly popular with owners of boats and camper vans. This generator is not suitable for an electric kettle.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure the generator is suitable for your requirements. Staff at ieDepot can offer general advice but cannot specify a generator for you. Please always overestimate your usage and read the guides on our blog.

The specifications for this generator are listed on the specs tab.

All engine products are delivered without oil, please choose the recommended oil below.


Generator Specifications

Stroke (Engine):
Fuel Type:
Power (hp):
Starting System:
Recoil Start
Rated Output (kW):
Max Output (kW):
Output Voltage (V):
Rated Frequency (Hz):
Noise Level (dB(A)):
Fuel Tank Size (Litres):
Full Tank Run Time (Hours):
Charging Voltage (V) (DC):
Dimensions (L x W x H mm):
625 x 353 x 530
Weight (kg):
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The generator is quiet and easy to start. So that was fine but delivery was awful, I was told it would be next day delivery. It took 3 days. The...
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Great service from ieDepot. Really quiet and easy to start.
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It is easy to start and quiet with good petrol economy. The reason for the 4 stars is the internal charger is only big enough to charge a car battery....
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Yes you are right. |But as far as we see all generators that have 12v chargers they seem to come in at about 40 amps.
Easy to start and run. Whilst it is not light it is still manageable.I even did an oil change using the video on their website which was great as I...
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Do I need to add oil to the petrol?

No. This is a four stroke engine so straight regular petrol is what you use. No need to mix oil with the petrol.

Will this generator be good enough to run my house in a power cut?

For most people, the answer is no, except if you do some very tight power management. It will not run an electric kettle, electric cooker/oven or the immersion heater. It will typically run a hair drier, toaster, microwave, TVs, computers and lights, but not everything at once.

Is the internal charger good for regular charging?

No. It is for occasional battery charging up to 40 amps. It is not a smart charger. For regular charging or for larger batteries we would recommend plugging in a seperate battery charger which will monitor the batteries state as it charges it.

Engine Essentials

230V Plugs & Cables

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