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Holzkraft NTS 255 Wet Grinder Sharpening Centre

This wet bench grinder from Holzkraft is fitted with a 200W motor. Ideal for the craft professionals. Runs at a low speed of 90rpm and with the combination of water, no heat is generated during grinding which prevents the altering of a tools hardness. Includes a leather honing disk, universal holder and an angle setting gauge.

  • 200 W power consumption
  •  250 x 50 mm grindstone
  •  Ideal for demanding craftsmen and training centers
  •  Permanent grinding without loss of tool hardness due to no heat build-up during low speed grinding and cooling water bath
  •  Powerful induction motor for quiet and low-vibration work
  •  Special fine corundum whetstone with aluminium oxide for perfect grinding results even with hard steel over 60 HRC (tool steel)
  •  Removable leather honing disc for removing grinding burrs after sharpening
  •  75ml abrasive paste for polishing the workpiece after grinding
  •  Angle gauge for setting the correct grinding angle
  •  Splashproof motor and switch
  •  Powder-coated steel housing


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Decent mid-range sharpener. Delivered next day. 5 stars for that.
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