About ieDepot Ireland

When you’ve got a job that just can’t wait for, we’ll be there to help you get it done.

We carry a huge range of products and accessories and while it’s generally impossible to keep every single item in stoc we usually have 95% + of items on hand. That means we can ship most orders on the same day. Stock levels on our website are live feeds. Special orders with longer delivery times are clearly marked as such in their descriptions and the shipping details at checkout.

If you’re in Ireland or Northern Ireland, that means an order placed before 2 pm business days is typically in your hands the very next business day. Parcel shipping in Ireland and Northern Ireland is FREE on orders over €99. Pallet items do carry a subsidised nominal charge but these are laid out in the individual product descriptions.

Our selection is unmatched. We carry everything from angle grinders to welding gear. We’ve got Kreg Jigs, band saws, more vices and clamps than you can imagine, generators, power washers, compressors of all sizes, safety gear, and drill presses. If you need it to get the job done, there’s a good chance we have it.

The job’s got to get done. Whether it’s paid work for a client, or a new garden playset for the grandkids, you’ve got people depending on you to get the job done. We know what that commitment means, and we’re here to help you meet it.

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