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Lathe Chucks

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Wood Turning Chuck Set

Wood turning Chuck Set - an Ideal holding device for miniature wood turning.
Fully functioning 54mm diameter, 4 jaw self-containing chuck complete with interchangeable jaw sets and a screw chuck
3/4" x 16TPI spindle thread size
Complete with fitted case

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Wood Turning Chuck Specs

  • 16 TPI x 3/4" Female
  • Minimum Internal Opening: 38mm
  • Minimum External Opening: 50mm
  • Maximum Internal Opening: 80mm
  • Maximum External Opening:95mm

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Holzstar 4 Jaw Self Centering Turning Chuck Set Max opening ⌀100mm. M33 x 3.5mm thread to fit Holzstar lathes or other lathes with the same thread. Otherwise, a bushing would be needed. We do not make or supply bushings. This woodturning lathe chuck will fit the Holzstar...

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Face Plate for Holzstar Professional 4-Jaw Lathe Chuck M33 x 1.5 External clamping area: 72mm - 140mm Internal clamping area: 53mm - 96mm See All Wood Lathe Chucks
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Holzstar 4 Jaw Non-Self Centering Lathe Chuck Set The chucks jaws clamp individually. External clamping area between 42 - 157mm and internal clamping area between 22 - 59mm. M33 x 3.5mm. Ths wood lathe chuck will fit all the Holzstar range of lathes and other lathes with a headstock...

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Holzstar 4 Jaw Lathe Chuck Set with Replaceable Jaws ⌀100m. M33 x 3.5mm Thread to suit Holzstar lathes and others with similar threads M33 thread mount (Chuck has female threads) Chuck clamps up to 100 mm With screw insert With replaceable jaws Centric clamping - self centering See...
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Holzstar 4 Jaw Professional Chuck Set This set includes 4 chucks. M33 x 3.5mm. Suitable for Holzstar lathes or lates with the same thread Top Left External (Closed): 50mm Internal (Closed): 38mm Bottom Left External (Closed): 21mm Internal (Closed): 9mm...
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