Bearing Presses

These quality bench & floor hydraulic presses are ideal for the removal or installation of bearings, universal joints, pulleys, wrist pins and various other jobs. They have oil filled manometers for long and dependable service. A bearing that suddenly slips will not break or de-calibrate the tonnage meter. Smaller bearings are more likely to be loose or friction fit. Larger bearings tend to be interference fit. Interference fitting small bearings can reduce the clearance inside the bearing and cause excessive wear and heat, and premature failure.

The type of fit needed (loose, friction or interference) depends on the load, the operating temperature, the bearing type, and the material the shaft or housing is made from. A general rule of thumb for most situations is to use a press or interference fit on the rotating component and a loose fit on the non rotating part.

So a bearing on a shaft of an electric motor should have a press fit (friction or interference) on the shaft and a loose fit in the housing. A wheel hub will be the reverse, a loose fit on the shaft and a friction or interference fit on the housing. This way the chances of slip are greatly reduced. Generally the larger the bearing and the heavier the load the tighter the fit that is required.

The 12 ton, 20 ton and 30 ton hydraulic bearing press here are built with quality hydraulic rams and remote lever operated hydraulic pumps for professional use. The 30 ton and 50 ton are pneumatic are operated from a compressed air supply. All the bearing presses below are suitable for use in the professional use environment of a garage, workshop, factory etc. and are available for free shipping across Ireland.

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