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Do your clamps frustrate you? If you're like most woodworkers, finding the perfect clamp for the job is never easy. Most of the time, it seems like the clamp you need won't let you work where you want to… Your c-clamp only works at the edge of your workbench, your bench dogs only work where you've got pre-drilled holes, etc. The Kreg Klamp System lets you work wherever you need to most. Utilizing a simple technology called Inter-Lok, Klamp System™ components let you add a clamping station just about anywhere – even at the very center of your workbench – without having to lose your perfectly flat work surface. And for reaching into those hard to reach places Kreg have a range of different length clamps to suit your needs along with the innovative Kreg 90 degree corner clamp and the Kreg right angle clamp.