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Plasma Cutters


Plasma cutters have become the preferred method for cutting ferrous metals such as steel, stainless steel, copper & brass. Simpler to set up and cleaner than traditional methods as no bottled gas is needed, just air. Compressed air is allowed to exit from the tip of the cutting torch where an arc is struck. The temperature of the arc is enough to cause the air to turn into its fourth state, plasma. The temperature of this plasma steam of plasma is high enough to slice through the metal. Cutting metal is just a breeze. The strength of this plasma cutting stream is dependent on the amperage of the plasma cutting machine you are using. High frequency plasma cutters generate their own arc without having to scratch start. Machines are rated in maximum amps like 40, 50 an 70 below. Their max cutting capacity is rated as what it can cut clean without the need to clean the cut up with a angle grinder and it's maximum sever cut which is its absolute max cut This will need grinding to clean up.

The SIP plasma cutting machines we have for sale below are all high frequency and are available from stock for free next business day delivery across Ireland.