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MIG Welding

MIG welders are now the most common welder we sell. They are probably the easiest welding machine to master. Higher speed and production can be achieved with their continuous wire feed along with a cleaner weld due to the use of a shielding gas rather than flux. Some things to look for in a MIG welder are, it's duty cycle at full power (30-60% would be professional and 30% or lower would be DIY), maximum amperage output, maximum and minimum thickness it can weld, amperage it needs to run and what is it's warranty.

If you have any questions on the range of MIG welders we have for sale please do not hesitate to call us on the number above.

SIP Weldmate T126 MIG - Gasless
(Including VAT)
SIP T166 MIG Welding Package
(Including VAT)
SIP HG2300 MP Inverter Welder
(Including VAT)
JASIC Pro MIG 250 MIG Welder
(Including VAT)
AutoPlus 180ST MIG Welding Package
(Including VAT)
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