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Electric Power Washers

Electric Power Washers

We supply a range of power washers also called electric power washers for sale that are suitable for domestic, trade & commercial use. The Silverline power washers are good quality electric power washers suitable for domestic duty levels. The two trade electric power washers from SIP are suitable for high-end domestic/home use or for trade use by painters for prepping surfaces or for similar users. The two top-end SIP pressure washers, the P480/140-S and the P540/150-S, are suitable for cleaning contractors, transport companies and similar high use users.

To select the best pressure washer for your needs please consider the service duty you will expect from the power washer as well as price.

All come with lances and hoses as a standard. As a supplier, we stock what we offer for sale and have free next day delivery across Ireland for all our power washers. Please review the models below and if you have any questions call us on 091 876595