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How to Install a Backup Generator

How to Install a Standby Generator This guide is designed to be an overview to help you design and understand an electrical system that allows you to safely change over the source of your power…

How Does a Backup Generator Work?

How Does a Backup Generator Work? Ok we are going to look at a backup or standby generator for a house and not an expensive auto switching, auto starting commercial generator. For a house you…

Pump Head Explained

How a Pumps Performance is Measured Water pumps are in use all around you, often anonymously moving liquid from point A to point B. They can pump water from a well into your home or…

Choosing a Band Saw Blade Size

Choosing the Right Size Band Saw Blade For wood cutting band saws there are a few main considerations.   Fine Cut or Rough Cut For fine cutting you need more tpi (teeth per inch) and…

My Planer Won’t Feed

Timber Not Feeding Correctly in Your Planer?    Timber Sticking, Twisting or Jamming This is a reasonably common problem. You get your new planer