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6 Drawer Teng Tools Top Box
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Teng Tools 6 Drawer Top Box Tool Storage Cabinet

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A professional quality tool chest, Teng Tools 6 drawer metal top box with 3 step ball bearing drawer slides, a key lock system on drop down front with Teng Tools eyes logo. This tool box has plain drawers & chrome side handles. The drawers have a a 3 step ball bearing slide to allow full extension of the drawer.

The all metal Teng Tools top box tool cabinet is manufactured from heavy gauge, top quality steel and is powder coated with a 5 step rust prevention process. The weight of this tool chest is a hefty 25 kgs and is built to the highest standard.

This top box is designed to be part of a tool storage cabinet system from Teng. It will bolt seamlessly to the 3 drawer middle boxes from Teng which in turn bolts to the bottom roller cabinet from Teng. All of these tool storage cabinets are designed to hold any of the over 100 tool trays from Teng. These trays fit in the tool cabinets via dovetail connectors to create a single layer tool system drawer.

Tool Top Box Specifications

Drawer thickness
Body frame thickness
Overall 660 305 380   0.7 0.8 22
Drawer 1 172 270 50 20      
Drawer 2 172 270 50 20      
Drawer 3 172 270 50 20      
Drawer 4 572 270 50 20      
Drawer 5 572 270 50 20      
Drawer 6 572 270 75 20      
How are the tool boxes attached together?

The top of the 3 drawer cabinet has 4 threaded attachement points for bolting (bolts supplied) the two tool boxes together.

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Love Teng tools. This is a quality box. Like all Teng a bit pricey but I would not want it if it was not!
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Best kit there is.
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