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Woodworking Vices

39.00 (Including VAT)  
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  • Aluminium Body
  • Quick Release Function
  • 100mm (4") Wide Jaws
  • 101mm Capacity

19.99 (Including VAT)  

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  • 65mm (2.6") drill press vice
  • The jaws can open to 68mm
  • 2 x 10mm x 80mm holes in the base

49.99 (Including VAT)  
  • Cast Iron Construction
  • 150mm Wide Jaws
  • 125mm Capacity
  • Tough Painted Finish
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79.00 (Including VAT)  

Silverline Woodworkers Cast Iron Woodworking Vice - 180mm

This is a very heavy duty 9.5kg cast iron woodworkers bench vice . It slides on two steel slides and is driven by a screw with 2-start acme thread for fast jaw movement and exerting high pressure. Sacrificial strips of timber (not supplied) should be mounted on the inside face of the jaws to protect work pieces. This woodworkers vice can be surface mounted to the bottom edge of your bench or can be rebated or shimmed into the bench for a flush fit at the top.

Out of stock